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Welcome to DAMAGED CAR

We buy all damaged and unwanted cars , vans , 4 wheel drive , and commercial vehicles. Call us for a price 32073207

Do you have a damaged or unwanted car in the greater Brisbane area ? , or you just upgraded...

Why Choose Us

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Your vehicle could be old or completed wrecked after a motor accident and we’ll still guarantee to buy it from you for top dollar! So, why not give us a call and turn that old clunker in your garage into a Top Cash for cars

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We are Brisbane Auto Wreckers which means we wreck vehicles to recycle and reuse their auto parts, scrap metals and various other useful materials. This is why your car might be useless to other Vehicle Buyers , but worth top dollar to us !

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After getting a quick quote over the phone and booking your vehicle removal appointment with us, our team will arrive to collect your vehicle . Please make sure the vehicle is easily accessible for a tow truck to back up on to it .

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Our service covers all of Brisbane and surrounding areas. We have a fleet of exceptional tow truck drivers stationed far and wide, so whenever you need us, give us a call and we’ll be right with you!

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Contact Us

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions! Fill in the form below and we will respond you shortly! We value any feedback!

Know About Us

We buy all damaged and unwanted cars , vans , 4 wheel drive , and commercial vehicles. Call us for a price 32073207

if your car is damaged , or you just upgraded and you need your old car gone then give us a call , we can remove your damaged or unwanted car usually on the same day . We offer a free tow away for damaged cars and unwanted cars and we also pay for some cars . Just tell us the make and model and even flick us some photos of the damaged or unwanted cars and give us an idea of how much you are wanted and the location of the car.

We are in Brisbane and buy from surrounding areas.
We can arrange pickup of your old and unwanted damaged cars. If your car is complete and you no longer need it or want it give us a call 32073207 to get a salvage price .
We are Australian operators and have been in the same business for over 25 years, so you can trust us. We have a legal Australian business and Abn and are honest to deal with . 
If your car is damaged and not running it’s no problem we still buy most vehicles as long as they are complete . 
Call us today for a price and we can arrange collection . 
We are open from 730 am  until 430 pm Monday to Friday 
Closed on weekends and public holidays. 
Our address is 163 railway parade thorneside if you want to bring your unwanted cars to us . 
Email [email protected]
Phone 3207 3207 
We are near Capalaba and birkdale in the Redlands. 

Damaged Cars Brisbane 

Do you have a damaged car on your property that is taking up valuable space? After all, who has time to think about what to do with an old automobile after a week of work and errands? Did you realize, though, that you may get money for your old cars? There are several advantages to getting rid of your unwanted cars. A car that isn't working correctly takes up a lot of room in your garage, so taking it out frees up space for other things you wish to store. The newly freed-up space is ideal for storing various sorts of equipment, adding a pool table to your property, or even adding a new, functional automobile to your fleet. Old or damaged cars are a big threat to the ecosystem, they may cause harmful chemicals to seep into the ground and eventually make their way into the water supply area. This not only becomes a threat to humans but also to the environment as a whole. Likewise, damaged cars are used for their metal, which reduces the pollution associated with mining and manufacturing new parts. You will receive a good amount of money when you sell your old or unwanted automobiles to Damaged Cars Brisbane. Even if old or unwanted automobiles only bring in a few hundred dollars, that is enough to meet a bill or a portion of your rent, purchase food or have a fun night out. 

Damaged Cars Brisbane is a cutting-edge automotive website for pre-owned automobiles where you can easily swap cash for cars utilising our user-friendly interface, allowing you to sell your vehicle if it is damagedunwanted, or old. Additionally, if you have acquired a new automobile for your company or household and would want to replace your old one, give us a call, we are buying old, used, or unwanted automobiles for cash.  We usually operate in and around Brisbane, arranging for the pickup of your old or unwanted automobiles. With us, you can not only get rid of your old and unwanted cars, but you will also receive towing services and a fair price for them. Our business is based on trust, and we promise that you receive real customer care as an Australian operator for more than 25 years. Damaged Cars Brisbane offers the greatest experience for damaged car owners by purchasing a broad selection of certified used automobiles, unwanted automobiles, and pre-owned automobiles that can be sold at the press of a button, while owners receive the best price for their vehicles.  Damaged Cars Brisbane is a one-stop-shop that buys old or unwanted vehicles. 

Why choose us?

Selling your old or unwanted cars with Damaged Cars Brisbane means you won't have to pay any additional fees to the dealer or staff; instead, you'll be able to save money and profit handsomely from your sold automobile on your own. If your automobile has been in a bad accident and you want to replace it with a new model but also want to get rid of your damaged vehicle, don't worry; we'll buy it for a fair amount. Just give us a call and we'll take care of the rest; we'll not only purchase your destroyed car, but we'll also pay you well for it.

You've probably heard the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure," and this is true in our industry as well. Your old or unwanted cars may be trash to you, but they're treasures to us. As Brisbane Auto Wreckers, we buy used cars and deconstruct old or unwanted cars to recycle or reuse their auto components, scrap metals, and other valuable resources. Furthermore, after you've made a contact and scheduled a removal appointment with us, our crew will arrive on time to remove your car. Also, make sure your car is accessible to a tow truck facility so that we can back the truck up to it if possible. Our automobile services are available across Brisbane and surrounding areas . You may call us and have your damaged car picked up at any moment because we have a large fleet of tow truck drivers stationed all across the city. Simply give us a call and leave the rest to us. 

Are you prepared to sell your damaged cars? Simply go to the cash for cars section and input basic information about your car, such as the year, date of manufacture, model number, and engine write a comment describing your car, and fill in your name, email address, phone number, and a photo of your car. You will be contacted by one of our team members as soon as you have provided your basic information; all you have to do now is provide your residence address, and your car will be removed  swiftly. 

Contact Us:

As previously said, the majority of our vehicle services are performed in and around Brisbane, so if you are a Brisbane local looking for reasonable rates for your damaged automobiles or to organize pickups, please contact us. 

Furthermore, even if your car is damaged or not operating correctly but is still in good condition,  we are here to provide you a fair price for it? 

We are open from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Monday to Friday) and are closed on weekends.

Our workshop is located near Capalaba and Birkdale in the Redlands 

Address: 163 Railway Parade Thorneside (If you want to bring your vehicle to our workshop, then follow this address)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 3207 3207

You may also find us on Facebook, among other social media channels. 

We work hard to earn the client's confidence, and one of the ways we accomplish so is by putting them first. We're there for each customer, each partner, whether it's for evaluation, client assurance techniques, guarantees, or just client support. This is the foundation of all we do, and we work hard to improve by submitting targets and timelines.